Sewer Repair Be Informed Before Calling a Plumber

Even the best sewer pipe cannot stay intact forever. Roots invade, drastic dramatic seasonal changes crack pipes, and general wear and tear compromises the strength of older materials. It's good bet that your property will stay standing longer than the fortitude of your sewer pipe, and that means at some point you will have to hire a contracter.

Cast iron was once the the main choice in plumbing lines, including the lateral line, which drains from your home into the sewer main. When one ruptures, frequently the ideal choice is to replace the existing pipe with new ABS pipe that will not face the same dangers in the future.

Another modern sewer pipe replacement approach is known as trenchless plumbing. This approach enables a plumber to repair the sewer pipe without tearing up your lawn. One type of trenchless sewer pipe repair is known as the "bursting method": Laborers will insert a new line through the existing, burst line. This further bursts the broken line to make room for the new one.

Another trenchless sewer pipeline repair strategy is the "lining method." Using this strategy, plumbers will insert a plastic tube through the broken sewer pipe and inflate it. This lining will then cover up any leaks in the existing pipe. Furthermore, the lining can easily be taken out and fixed (or replaced) as necessary.

Even with trenchless sewer pipe repair, it is possible for nearby roots to repeat their attack. In addition to repairing the desctruction in the pipe, property owners may consider blocking root growth in the direction of the pipeline for any nearby trees.

The price of sewer pipe repair significantly varies depending on the business doing the labor and how much labor there is to do. Some sewer pipelines run underneath garages, driveways, or landscaping. Especially under such circumstances, trenchless replacement can be a preferable alternative. When choosing a plumbing company, request quotes from at least 2 different bidders. Make sure all of the quotes include all of the same labor. Plumbers often charge significantly different rates for the same parts. Also be sure to get in writing the agreed-upon state of your property after the work is done. In other words, if a plumber does have to dig a trench in your grass or necessitate other cleanup work, it should be clear whose job it is -- yours or theirs -- to get everything looking good again.

Whenever you request an estimate for a sewer repair, have a sense of whether similar repairs will have to be have to be performed in the foreseeable future. Especially beneath older homes (or newer homes connecting to an older sewer line), it may be worth paying for an entire replacement project instead of piecemeal repairs, so that you won't have to put up with a similar inconvenience a couple years down the road. Many plumbing companies such as sewer repair contractor bellevue wa provide a warranty on sewer pipe replacement, some of them for as long as you own the home.